Oh hey, PSM is FREE

So not only can your port your Unity games to vita really easily, the sign up doesn’t require the $100 fee it once had.

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A bullet hell game where you capture ripe judges in a horrifying bedroom, but it’s all in your head.”

Okay, that one probably already exists.

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Insanity Jam Official Idea Generator Demo #2


"A historical game where you whisper at chairs beside a stadium, and it really makes you think."

Here’s another preview for you lovely followers of mine of the game idea generator I’m working on for future Insanity Jams:

60 game types,
200 nouns,
1,345 adjectives (I found a big list…),
400 verbs,
66+ potential “additions” to be added to the end of the sentence,
And slightly more styling than before.

An atmospheric game where you teach English to ashamed quartz stones in a suspiciously dark ocean, and it really makes you think.

This is awesome. Great work.

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Dan Fessler’s HD Index Painting Technique let’s you paint pixel art in Photoshop in a non-destructive manner, and lets you use pretty much every tool in a perfectly pixel-gradient fashion!

The article gives you everything you need to try it out for yourself.It’s easy to set up and use, and the results are so fucking cool.

pixel artists everywhere dying just so they can roll in their graves


This is not pixel art, and does not look like pixel art. This looks like a poorly compressed gif.

Agreed. There’s a point where you’re doing pixel art, and there’s a point where you need to just draw a regular ass picture.

From the article:

By far the most important thing I need to stress here is that this ISN’T end-all be-all solution for creating pixel art. It is simply a tool like any other. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I choose not to depending on the task at hand. It will not make you a better pixel artist, it will only make you a more efficient one as the pixel-level decisions that great pixel artists make can’t be taught to a computer. With that said, these tools can drastically increase your work efficiency. Tasks that used to take hours now takes only minutes allowing you to express yourself more freely and get to your final composition faster.

The author isn’t suggesting that this replace all your techniques for making pixel art, only that it can be a tool to help save time in particular situations.

This is a tool you can choose to use, or not use, depending on your own project, workflow, and taste. I don’t see how knocking it down as “not pixel art” is productive of helpful.

Maybe link to some articles (or make your own!) on techniques for making pixel art more suited to your particular tastes?

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Games can now be reported


One of the disadvantages of running an open content submission platform is sometimes you get content that doesn’t belong. In order to help keep itch.io’s content well organized and free of spam you can now report games.

You can find a Report game link at the bottom of game’s page on itch.io. Clicking it will load a dialog that lets you describe the nature of the report.


The following types of reports can be created:

  • Offensive material
  • Uploader not authorized to distribute
  • Miscategorized
  • Spam
  • Other

If you select Miscategorized you’ll have the option to suggest a category.

In addition to the report type you can also leave a comment describing your report.

Once submitted, a report will be reviewed and action will be taken if necessary.


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As soon as I set myself a goal of making a game a week, after making three games in three weeks, I kind of shut down and stopped progressing. Hoping to turn that around this week.

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Added object pooling to the confetti gun. Yay.

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Free Seamless Textures


A resource for artists who wish to use seamless textures for 3D art, cg movies and game designers.

(via unity3dresources)

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And here’s someone elses game running on it. He says he got it up and running in minutes, which is pretty much the best thing you could hope for.

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