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i just realized the other day that this launch looks very… weird. since when is a third party survival horror supposed to be the system seller?

Especially with such an incredibly generic name.

I don’t know, the Wii was obviously going to sell well despite my personal reservations against it. You swing your arm to hit the tennis ball! Easy to explain, instantly sounds fun, easy sell. It had obvious appeal.

How do you sell the Wii U?

Well, it’s got asymmetric gameplay. So you have 4 people playing and the 5th is on a tablet effecting the game in a different wa… hey where are you going?

There are some really cool things about it, and some stuff I really like. But it’s also missing some of the things that have become BASIC over the last 7 years. For instance, still no word on if basic in-game voice chat is supported. (It really SHOULD have cross-game party chat.)

And I’m not sure who they’re selling it to. There’s very little there to pull the casual crowd back in. NintendoLand is minigames, but it doesn’t have that broad of an appeal to justify a new console. They said before we had more info that the Wii U is the attempt to get the hardcore gamer back, but what’s there for the hardcore gamer? Pikmin is great, but fairly niche. Late ports of existing 360/PS3 games. P100… ZombiiU..  Another NSMB game that looks exactly like the others and doesn’t take advantage of the new hardware. I just don’t know. It’s kind of a mess. I want Nintendo to be amazing again like they were when I was growing up. There’s a lot of talent in that company. Some of the best devs out there. But I’m not sure they know what they’re doing as platform holders.

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